Month: September 2014

Samedi, 25 Sept…french drag queens really need some new material…

I took it easy today, mostly because my feet are really starting to hurt. I think I collapsed the complex inner workings of my high-tech Reebok walking shoes. I suppose I’ll just leave them here when I go. My own

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Vendredi, 24 Sept.

It looks like “Dahrma and Greg” is on every night here. So much for the French sense of style. Speaking of French TV, I think I have really bad cable at my hotel, the only english language channels are BBC

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Jeudi, 23 Sept…I’m pretty damn smooth …

Well, things are starting to get more interesting. Yesterday, it finally stopped raining and the sun came out about 5:00, so I went for a walk along the Seine, near Ile St. Louis. At one point, I walked under a

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Mercredi, 22 Sept.

Last night I wandered around until I found one of those cyber-cafe places where you can surf the net on a per minute basis. I grabbed a machine and checked my e-mail. I had message from my friend Mike, which

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Mardi, 21 Sept.

All right, this is not off to a great start. The flight from Minneapolis to Amsterdam was smooth and uneventful, and I didn’t sleep a wink in 9 hours. This sucks since I really use sleep to keep everything on

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Lundi, 20 Sept.

OK, so I’m stuck at the airport. In a cruel twist of aeronautical fate, my beloved 747 has developed what the flight crew will only identify as an “electrical problem”. I don’t care what anybody says about alarming passengers, I

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