Mardi, 21 Sept.

All right, this is not off to a great start.

The flight from Minneapolis to Amsterdam was smooth and uneventful, and I didn’t sleep a wink in 9 hours. This sucks since I really use sleep to keep everything on pace and moving in the right direction. Not getting enough sleep is really debilitating, like not having a metronome when you need one.

Finally! Paris!

Hey! I’m here and so is my luggage! I wasn’t too hopeful since there was a wildcat strike of KLM baggage handlers last week. What’s that, a labor strike? In Europe? I know, it sounds unlikely, but it happened. Now if I can just get to the hotel……..

I reserved a shuttle ahead of time on an internet site, and after a quick call from the airport, I actually showed up and took me to Paris. The other people in the van appeared to be a family from Great Britain, but frankly, I was too tired to ask. The traffic in Paris reminds me a lot of Boston, only with narrower streets and silly looking cars. I desperately want to be excited now, but all I can think about is a shower and a bed.

The hotel………

The little hotel I’m at has a great lobby, and what may be the worlds only elevator designed for exclusively moving pool cues. Man is this thing small. Really. I had to shuffle around my luggage so that it and I could ride at the same time. My room is on the top floor, which is nice, and its only slightly larger than the elevator, which is not. Apparently, a room for one person means one person too stand up in. Oh well, if I wanted to stay at a Holiday Inn, could have vacationed in Des Moines.

Other minor malfunctions:

The weather is truly miserable right now. Kind of that drizzly sort of rain where you get wet if you don’t wear a jacket, but you sweat like crazy if you do.

No phone jack in my room! Crap! I’m not sure how I’m going to get this page to my web site. If you’re reading this, I must have figured something out.

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