Mercredi, 22 Sept.

Last night I wandered around until I found one of those cyber-cafe places where you can surf the net on a per minute basis. I grabbed a machine and checked my e-mail. I had message from my friend Mike, which was really cool. I also managed to go to a grocery store and bought some shampoo and a toothbrush, both of which I had forgotten (D’Oh!). Oh well, could be worse.

Had a lot of trouble sleeping again, must be the jet-lag. Hopefully tonight things will start to bed in (no pun intended).

The weather is still crummy, although at 2:00 PM local time it looks like its starting to clear up. I went for a long walk and found a place called Cyber-cube which will let me do text-based FTP for 1FF per minute. So the plan is to write my pages locally and save them to a floppy, then head down the street and upload them once per day-or maybe every other day. If you’re reading this it must have worked.

I also walked across the Seine to Notre Dame this morning, I didn’t climb the towers today though, I’m waiting for a nicer day to take some pictures. Also, the cathedral is only about ΒΌ mile from my hotel (I can see the towers and spires from my room) so I’ll be able to get back there without any trouble.

I still haven’t seen the Eiffel Tower, maybe tomorrow I have my first adventure on the Metro and ride over there. (Imagine early Berlin music playing in the background).

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