Vendredi, 24 Sept.

It looks like “Dahrma and Greg” is on every night here. So much for the French sense of style.

Speaking of French TV, I think I have really bad cable at my hotel, the only english language channels are BBC World and CNN International. If I hear one more report about East Timor I’m going to puke.

As long as we’re on the subject, my tummy is feeling much better and I finally got a decent night’s sleep. I may actually try to eat something other than a ham sandwich tomorrow.

Last night, I watched “Carrie” on TV dubbed into French. It was very odd seeing Karen Allen fellate John Travolta while saying “Je deteste Carrie White.” That just ain’t right.

I walked over to the Louvre today, but I didn’t go in. The line to get in was about a half hour wait at 12:30, and they close at 5:30, so I figured I come back earlier on the next day. Instead, I went to the Musee d’Orsay. I’ll tell you, that’s one butt-load of art for $6. Outside, there was a guy doing what I can only describe as classical karaoke. He had a portable tape player/PA and a clarinet and would play along with the recording. It was pretty cool. This appears to be a common pass-time in Paris. I saw a guy doing the same thing with a cello last night.

I haven’t had much chance to practice my French today, but I’m gradually feeling more comfortable talking to people. I wish I had someone here to use as a crutch, and to correct me when I speak. I’m sure I’m just murdering the language, but I seem to get my point across.

As landmarks go, the Obelisk isn’t really much to look at. What is nice is that in the base, there is a series of gold inlay pictograms showing how the Obelisk was removed from Luxor, shipped, and erected in Paris. I guess its there in case you want to move your own Obelisk and aren’t sure how to pack it properly. The last thing you want is to send a broken Obelisk out for repair. Awfully considerate of the french.

Also, I have to say that parisian women are a very attractive lot. The typical american stereotypes don’t appear to be true, as far as I can see. Its also very interesting how easy it is to spot the tourists (like me).

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