What I did on summer vacation

A ponderous, self-aggrandizing view of a trip I took to France during the Fall of 2001. Look close, maybe I even sneak into a picture or two. Eh, what are the odds?

Hey! Look at this-I went to France! “So What?” you say. Well…hmm. You have a point, but I took about 400 pictures during September of 2001 and by God, someone’s going to see them.

Photos are organized into little sub-categories, just click on the collection you want to see.

Wander randomly around the streets of Paris. C’mon it’s fun!

Screw Paris! Let’s go to the beach!

Look! Everybody’s favorite promotional gimmick!

Psst. Wanna buy some art?

Spend some time enjoying the historic Chateau at Versailles. That wasn’t a suggestion. Get moving.