What I did on (the next) summer vacation

Didn’t get enough last year, eh. Well fine, take a gander at these fine works of photographic something or other. Not only is there a trip to France, but we go to Africa, too. Try not to wet yourself. Or me either.

Hey there, wanna see hot teen XXX action? Bummer! All that’s here are my vacation pictures. That’s gotta be a let down, huh?

There are two sections, the stop-over in Paris, and the main event, climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro. All of the gory details can be had at the C the Wurld section, but if you just want to look at the pics, I can dig that.

The images below will take you to the thumbnail pages. What you do from there is up to you. I’m guessing it’ll have to do with clicking on things, though.


Fun, or an acceptable substitute, in Paris.

Dust, exhaustion, bad food and hypoxia. Man, now that’s a good time in Africa!